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Response Question Title Question Description
Answer condom HELLO! i am not comfortable to buy a condom what should i do?
Answer gutwita Ese umuntu akoze imibonano mpuzabitsina idakingiye yabigenza ate ngo ntatwite?
Answer Periods Mwiriwe neza!!iyo umuntu agira Ama règle ahindagurika cyane ubwo naba mfite ikibazo
Answer Menstruation I have a painful period what should I do to get rid of it?
Answer Udukingirizo tw'igitsina gore Ese udukingirizo tw'abagore dukoreshwa nk'utw'abagabo? Ese tuboneka he? Ese umuntu yakura he amahugurwa y'uko badukoresha?
Answer Mbigenze nte kobanseka ngo ndisugi Mfite ikibazo , mfite imyaka 19 ndacyari isugi ariko abakobwa binshuti zanjye birirwa banseka ngo ndacyari umwana ngo nzongere kubavugisha nakuze. Mubyukuri ndabakunda ninshuti zanjye kandi sinifuza kubahara .
Answer My mum is forcing me to get married , what should i do? Mfite imyaka 21 ninjye mfura ,Mama ari kumbwirango nkore ubukwe arashaka umwuzukuru, ngo ndakuze bihagije ,kandi njyewe mubyukuri simbishaka sinabiteganya yewe kuko ndashaka kuguma kwiga , ariko we akambwirango nzakomeza nige ngonawe yarize kandi yaratubyaye, mbigenze nte.
Answer My boyfriend wants me to quit my job, and i don't know what to do. I am 21 . i work in a restaurant and they pay me 80,000 frw per month but my boyfriend wants me to quit that job. I requested him to find me a better job but he told me that a beautiful girl like me has to live like a princess. He agreed to give me 100,000 frw per month every month if i quit that job,but he doesn't want me to work again.what can i do?
Answer pain before menstruation my breast started to hurt me3 days before the menstruation what is it
Answer I want to give back to community Hello!!! I am a professional wellbeing coach, and I just ran across your work, and I feel like I want to contribute my expertise especially in this lockdown that we are facing in Rwanda, let me know the good way to be in touch with you on this!!!, I also pressed an order of one of your products and my phone numbers are there you can directly reach out to me.
Answer Sanitary pads I normally don't feel comfortable to by pads in our neighboring shops and due to this quarantine, I can't go to town or super markets cz roads are closed, do you think you can help me? My periods are coming in a week
Answer Engagement I have found that you had an event in match and i would like to be invited next time in one of your engagements , how should I go on it, anyway I am from western province but I work in Kigali
Answer Ese kumara amezi meshi utajya mumihango kandı utarakubaganye ubwo biba byagenze bite? tajya mumihango kandı utarakubaganye ubwo biba byagenze bite?
Answer nashakaga kubashimira I have gotten my answer regarding the question that I was going to ask
Answer can I invite you to train my beneficiaries? I need your contact details
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